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Lay ample regulations in place to shield business communication from professional email compromise, malware, ransomware, and credential phishing with Ardent IT’s IT security services.
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We provide best practices in strategic email security solutions and its design based on your specific objectives and needs. We also provide continual protection and threat response for sophisticated email attacks, along with email activity analysis and a robust security awareness program that fosters a risk-aware culture through email attacks and phishing education.

Setting Up Your IT Security Services

We assist you in reducing the privacy risk, implementing security restrictions to prevent unsanctioned access to classified data, preventing service outages, and preventing exploitation by cybercriminals, and minimizing downtime.

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Is Your Email Secure?— Shield your business from spam, malware, ransomware and phishing attacks

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Email Security Services

Email security refers to the procedures and techniques used to protect against unauthorized access, loss, or compromise via content filtering, targeted attack protection, data loss prevention, email encryption, email continuity, email compliance archiving, and other methods. Email servers with strong password and access control methods, encrypted email communications (inboxed and in transit), web application firewalls, and spam filtering software are examples of such precautions.

Malware Protection Services

Malware security protection adds a crucial second layer of defense to your computer or network. A solid antivirus software bundle is the chief constituent of technological security that should be there on every home and enterprise computer system. Antivirus security that is well-designed has a number of properties. It scans each freshly downloaded software for malware to guarantee that it is safe. It scans the computer on a regular basis to identify and remove any malware that may have crept through the cracks. It’s updated on a regular basis to keep up with the latest risks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

More than 90% of attacks on organizations begin with a malicious email, depending on your embedded security may mean leaving your organization vulnerable to malicious hackers who are constantly capitalizing on the foremost attack mechanism: manipulating human nature and an absence of strict security.
Whilst the term antivirus implies that it only safeguards against computer viruses, its functionalities frequently defend against the many familiar forms of malware that exist today. However, antimalware works by detecting more sophisticated systems of malware, such as zero-day attacks, whereas antivirus software protects against more conventional and long-established risks.
Email spoofing is the contrivance of a header section in order to mislead the addressee into believing the email came from someone or somewhere other than the supposed source.
Cybercrime and malware are ongoing threats to any business with an Internet presence, and cyber-attacks are time-consuming and costly. You must select a provider who will meet the needs of your company. The services of a reliable information security provider will help to reduce digital information risks and keep systems running smoothly.