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With our IT support services in Singapore, you can strengthen your company’s infrastructure. Ardent IT’s IT support services are available if you have an urgent short technical project or are considering a new trusted business IT services partner.

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Ardent IT’s IT support services provide your company with better accessibility to specialized knowledge and skills. A lack of or limited in-house expertise should not prevent a business from utilizing the best available technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software support is identified as responsive development in which software bugs are resolved, whereas software maintenance is described as preemptive development in which new attributes are introduced, or low importance bugs are categorized that do not degrade the software design or customer experience.

Its goal is to help users with workable solutions for the issues they may be facing. In a professional context, IT support is far more than just support. It may include equipment setup, installation, and configuration, along with other things.

Technical support includes a variety of services offered by businesses to their clients for product offerings, including software, smartphones, printers, and other electronic, mechanical, or hybrid devices.

In an IT company, end-user support assists with IT problems and outages. They are the first point of contact when a user experience a problem with software or a flaw in an IT program.