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60% of all cyberattacks target small and medium-sized businesses

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What is Cyber Security Consulting?

The practise of securing systems, networks, and programmes from internet threats is known as cybersecurity. These hacks typically try to examine, change, or delete sensitive data, extort money from users, or disrupt normal company processes. Cyber security consulting is a service provided to help organizations assess, design, and implement effective security strategies to protect against cyber threats and risks.

Fortify your Cyber-Defense against every phase of a Cyber-Attack

We help you shield your IT environments and crucial business data with our resilient next-gen approach and our full suite of cyber-security services.

Cybersecurity consulting is needed for your business to Save Guard you from:




Enhance your Cyber Security: The Process Ardent Follows to Protect your business

Avoid Cyber Threats

Make IT security and continuing part of your business tactic

Our Cyber Security Services


Network Security
Deploy a security program to screen the internal network and infrastructure, secure computer networks from prowlers, targeted attackers, and resourceful malware.

Application Security

Application Security
Detect the sensitive data sets, secure them, and prevent the cyber-security breach by implementing the hardware and software methods at the development stage of the project.


IT Managed Services
Secure the data; integrate the system with a cloud security platform, and reduce the chance of a cyber-attack by incorporating the system with a cloud security platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber security is defined as the cohesive methods, technologies, and processes to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks, and data, against cyber-attacks or security breaches.

Cyber security is how people and organizations decrease the risk of cyber-attack. Its core function is to protect the devices used (smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers) and the services we access – both online and at work – from theft or damage.

Take the four basic steps mentioned below towards being cyber secure.
  1. Turn Multi-Factor Authentication On
  2. Update software regularly
  3. Contemplate before clicking links
  4. Use strong Password and change regularly

With the help of a cyber security consulting / assessment, companies can determine how effective their security controls are and how they can be improved. Companies can enhance the capability of security controls by taking a proactive approach. Furthermore, it enables companies to determine whether they are in compliance with industry standards.