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Detect and block ever-evolving virus threats with Ardent IT’s proactive virus detection.
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How Can Proactive Virus Detection Help Your Business?

Ardent IT’s proactive virus detection shields your network from severe ransomware and other threats that can jeopardize system data, as well as respond promptly to any security risk and quarantining devices affected by an intrusion to prevent it from spreading.

The Role We Play in Detecting Computer Viruses

We assist you in combating potential risks, laying the groundwork for your system to determine activity trend lines in a glimpse and detecting computer viruses and other malicious databases to pinpoint a security threat, and enhancing your company’s capacity to discern and avert virus threats.

How Do You Benefit?

Discover proactive measures to effectively protect against Virus Threats

Our Expertise

Steer clear of malware and ransomware threats with our Proactive Virus Detection


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Block Dangerous


Monitor OS


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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the University of Tennessee, it is ideal to scan your devices at least once per week with antivirus software that is suitable for your requirements.
The most common signs of a Trojan attack on your computer:
  • Slow performance
  • Crashes and freezes frequently
  • Unfamiliar apps installed on device
  • Internet redirects
  • Modifications to desktop, taskbar, or browser
  • Increased pop-ups
  • Antivirus is deactivated
Previously, a group of researchers demonstrated that WiFi networks can be easily infected with a virus. This means that a virus, just like any airborne virus, can be transmitted via WiFi and easily spread to systems.
It implies that what all was discovered was discovered using heuristic analysis. Many antivirus programs use heuristic analysis to identify heretofore unrecognized computer viruses along with their new variants that are already there.